Is it Worth Refinancing Your Mortgage?


The financial problems of homeowners today are increasing at an exponential rate and with the increasing strain of household bills, the situation for many families is becoming more grim as each month passes. The situation is slightly better for those homeowners who are living in their ancestral homes as they do not need to worry about mortgage or rental expenses.

However, not everybody is so fortunate and most people need to try to find a way to buy their own homes. The money lending agencies, including banks, are providing very good financial services to such people who wish to buy their own house, but they do not have enough resources. It’s becoming more and more difficult for people, especially first time buyers, to actually get a mortgage which they can afford.

However, refinancing an existing mortgage loan is a very useful service that most of the lending agencies offer these days to their clients. More and more homeowners are showing great interest in these refinancing options as it provides a way for them to leverage existing equity that they may have in their home.

Many homeowners across the country have made use of refinancing, and this has been a way to ease financial burden. The way refinancing generally works is that an additional amount is added to the existing loan they have which provides the homeowner with a lump sum, and the cost of the mortgage is adjusted accordingly.

This works better for people who still have a long term left on their mortgage as they have much longer to pay back the loan and as such the increased cost is spread over a much longer term, and has a much smaller impact on their monthly expenses.

However, for those with 10 years or less remaining on their mortgage term, and depending on the amount they wish to borrow this option might not be as feasible as it could push up their monthly mortgage cost too high and be above what they can reasonably afford.

Here are a couple of points to keep in mind before making a decision:

– Make sure you have all of your paperwork organised. You’ll need your mortgage documents, your bank statements, wage slips, evidence of other income or tax returns are also useful. The lender will want to fully re-assess your financial situation and will need to see all of this paperwork.

If you want to take this a step further and really impress the lender at your interview, it could be worth preparing a brochure or folder with relevant documents neatly filed. Make sure it is well bound with some good quality sample rings for a really professional finish that is sure to impress!

– You will need to have a good credit rating. If you have been late paying your existing mortgage payments or have had bad credit elsewhere, this is going to make it extremely unlikely that your application for refinancing will be accepted.