Three Things Google Hates About SEO


Apparently, no one wishes to get a penalty intentionally. Your website could be penalized due to your carelessness, black-hat SEO techniques(if you use) or some honest SEO mistakes by Google.

You can solve this error by choosing the best SEO Services Company. Expert SEO Companies don’t spam your website, but they make everything look natural, but sometimes the websites which are implementing the best SEO practices get penalized due to some common SEO mistakes.

The worst part is some of them are not even aware they are making a mistake.

If you live in southern California and are looking for San Diego search engine optimization companies, be sure to find an agency that follows the important SEO rules below.

1. Link Influenced Business:

Some businesses mutually decide to create links for one another to get more click-through traffic and enhance SEO results. Though there is no harm in this trading of links relationship, sometimes both or one of the sites might get harmed. Because they chose Inexperienced SEO Services Company or SEO Executive for Work they don’t know how to Get Relevant Backlink because Niche or Relevant Backlink Gives you the best Benefits for your SEO.

Let’s take an illustration to make it clearer. When your online business is linked to another online business, then crises due to highly suspicious link velocity ( the rate at which inbound links are obtained) arises. The impact of getting a higher number of links from a single site especially with a link positioning in the footer can prove dangerous in Search Engine Optimization.

The best way to execute link influenced relationship is removing the footer link and conducting reciprocal as naturally as possible. Avoid footer link swaps. You Can Chose the Best SEO Services Company for Your Business to Grow in a Limited Time

2. Affiliate Linking:

Affiliate program can be rewarding and destructive; the results solely depend on how you implement it. Many individuals struggle when it comes to dealing with online affiliate links but can’t avoid them since they bring huge business. Rolling out affiliate program build-up harmful links and hence invites penalty.

To avoid such mishaps in Search Engine Optimization, rely on trusted affiliated relationship provider who can conduct affiliate program rollout completely and legitimately chose best & Affordable SEO services provider company for a better result at limited budget because they offer your some best & affordable SEO packages. Further, create a dedicated landing page if there are many affiliate providers or your share relationship with various major organizations. Give enough time to test all affiliate links to maintain the integrity of your website.

3. Influencer Outreach:

Influencer outreach is a potent tool of Search Engine Optimization. It means finding out the major influencers of concerned industry, reaching out to them and getting links, wide exposure, and many other benefits. In case your chosen influencer outreach targets a low authority group, you would be a problem. Backlinks from such bad influencers would ruin the SEO of your site instead of enhancing.

To avoid such unfavorable instances, ask your influencers to use no-follow links. It can become easy if you provide them with a code and ask them to copy/paste it into articles. Again, make a specific landing page for influencer outreach. Additionally, with services like Unbounded you can direct users straight to the desired page designer for your outreach campaign.