Insurance for Bathtub Contractors


Resurfacing Contractors Beware

Bathroom Contractors should protect their business by having appropriate general liability insurance in place. GL coverage is a great way to ensure your company is protected against 3rd party liability lawsuits and injury.

Most contractors don’t realize the importance of liability insurance because not all states require contractors to have this type of coverage. For example, California does not require their contractors to have liability insurance in place, but the Contractors Board in the state of Oregon does.

One bathtub resurfacing San Diego contractor who we spoke with would not dare operate knowing his business may be at risk. Find an agent who specializes in your niche to ensure they understand the many nuances of your industry.

Legal defense and representations is another benefit of having insurance coverage in place. Just because you are not at fault does not mean a homeowner or other business can’t sue you. States such as California are notorious for their litigious nature. Just because it hasn’t happened in the past doesn’t mean you are insulated from future occurrences.

When in doubt always speak with a licensed professional and express your individual needs or concerns. Find someone who truly has the best interest of you and your business at heart.