The Importance of Having an Immigration Lawyer


Immigration can be a very complicated process and a disturbing one too, particularly if you have no idea on the formalities ahead. It is a law that would govern your entry, and your admission into any country, should you wish to migrate. And those who practice such legal deeds are known as Immigration Lawyer.

Why should you hire them?

It’s a fact that every year there are many global citizens from across the world wanting to migrate to any country of their choice. Some come into the country to study, and some to work. And then there are some who come in to settle and make themselves permanent here. One San Diego Immigration Lawyer dedicates his life and practice to making the process as easy and painless and possible. The reason for immigration a country could be any, temporary or permanent for that matter, but without the help of an Immigration Lawyer, it would be impossible to have the paperwork and proceedings done without any hassles or glitches.

When don’t you need an immigration lawyer?

If you have chosen a country like the US to further your studies, a student’s visa would be needed, and you wouldn’t have to hire an immigration lawyer. The same would apply when a company recruits you on American soil, and if they send out a sponsorship letter and get your visa done, an immigration lawyers assistance wouldn’t be needed. Even if you are only visiting the US for pleasure or vacationing there, a lawyer wouldn’t be needed as well, but permission for a visa would be needed from their embassy in your home country.

So when do you need help?

1)If you have applied for “green card holder” status or making a move to the US permanently, you would need the assistance of Immigration Lawyer.

2)If there is a criminal case in your name pending, a lawyer’s assistance would be needed. Don’t hide anything while filling the forms, or else you would face deportation when you reach the shores of the dream country you want to be in. The immigration officials in their database would have your fingerprints along with other important details stored, and access to the records would show who you are. But the lawyer, who is well versed in such cases, would be able to get you help with immigrating into the US.

3)If your case has been rejected, it is important to get in touch with an immigration lawyer. They very well know the loopholes and would work around getting your case cleared.

Have you been offered a job in any unspecified country, but the employer wouldn’t hire an immigration lawyer to get you into the country? They would make things work in the shortest time possible.